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Launch Details
Launch Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 11am ET

Length: 4-days. 

Commission: 50% on entire funnel
What is the “Consultant Funnel – Microsoft Advertising Secrets” Offer?
In short, this offer is a complete front-end, lead-gen funnel for consultants who offer – or want to offer – Microsoft Advertising services - formerly Bing Ads . Which by the way, is one of the most profitable services an offline consultant can offer.

This is the perfect “lead magnet” the consultant can use to generate lots of high-quality leads.

Everything comes with PLR so they can claim this funnel as their own and customize it any way they wish!

Front End - Complete Lead-Gen Funnel:
  • Lead-Gen Site: Complete lead-gen site created in WordPress Theme, HTML5, OptimizePress 2.0 and ClickFunnels
  • LGS Conversion Videos: Powerful videos in both USA and UK Voice Overs. Videos come in whiteboard/hand drawn and Powtoon styles. Four styles to choose from!
  • Lead-Magnet Report: 5,000+ word report to offer as the free giveaway
  • Lead-Magnet Checklist: 2-page checklist that can also be offered as part of the free giveaway
  • One-Page Cheatsheet: people love quick hitting one-pagers that contain value. This one has that!
  • Autoresponder Messages: 5-part email autoresponder series
  • Source Files: They get all the PSD and Word files so they can change and customize as needed
  • Quick Start Program: This offer is NOT a training program but rather pre-made PLR that will save them tons of time and lots of money versus creating it all themselves. With that in mind, we do have some Quick Start material that will help them understand how to get started fast.
OTO #1 Marketing Kit:
  • Social Media Post Images (30 included!): Professionally created social media images to use on their different social media channels like Facebook and Instagram
  • 5-minute Webinar / VSL Script: Use this script to create the perfect value video on the Thank You page of the lead-gen funnel!
  • ​Advertorial: sending leads to advertorials is proven to be one of the most effective ways to build instant credibility and trust resulting in the lead contacting you.
  • 5 Blog Posts / Articles: Add world-class articles to your blog to drive visitor traffic to your lead-magnet.
  • Infographic: Professional created infographic with the top 10 facts
  • Postcards: Three professionally created postcards
  • Banner Ads: Professionally created banner ads to use on their website
  • PPC Ad Swipes: Don't worry about having to create your own copy for PPC ads, we got you covered!
  • Facebook Ad Images: One of the best ways to generate leads is through Facebook Ads. We help the get started fast by creating 5 different ad images
  • Facebook Ad Sales Copy: We have also used the program FunnelScripts to create literally over 100 headlines, post text and description ad text. And everything is broken down into Hot, Warm and Cold traffic. This part alone is worth potentially hundreds of dollars.
  • Resource Cheatsheet: This adds even more value to the free giveaway
  • 20 Pre-Written Tweets: Use Twitter to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your lead-magnet.
OTO #2 Credibility Book, aka Print Book:

This offer contains content that is completely different than the report offered on the front end. It consists of the top 25 questions a prospective client would have when it comes to getting their sites ranked high in the search engines and it is designed in a way that the client will realize they don’t want to do it themselves.

The value comes in selling the vision of a consultant handing a client or prospect an actual print book with THEIR NAME ON IT! This is literally the easiest and fastest way to gain instant authority and be viewed as the go-to expert.
  • Credibility Book Content: 6,000 word book/report
  • 6x9 Format: The book is formatted for Amazon's KDP service as a 6×9 print book. 
  • 6×9 Print Book Cover Design
  • 3D Ebook Cover Design
  • Self-Publishing Training Guide: A simple, step-by-step guide on how to publish a print book on Amazon's KDP.
As you can see, we’ve created the entire “front-end” lead magnet funnel plus additional value-adds that will convert very well.
Affiliate Bonuses
For this launch we are not doing an "affiliate contest" but rather a simple bonus system paid based on the number of sales you get during the launch.

Meaning, however many sales you get based on the information below you will receive that bonus payout.
Number of Sales





Bonus Payout





While this is NOT an affiliate contest I know some people like to see how they rank amongst their peers. So here you go:
Why Offer This to Your List? What Makes it So Special?
There are 3 big reasons why you should promote this:
  • The main reason is because this sucker will convert! We have a great sales page and a tremendous reputation of creating nothing but top quality products. This offer is no different! Our last launch did 20% conversions and grossed over $10,000.
  • ​The price point is low and makes it a no brainer! We also include three powerful parts on the Front End to maximize conversions.
  • ​You can trust us to take care of your customers. We provide world class products and excellent customer service. It is a point of focus for us that we take great pride in.
Check out the sales page to see why this offer is such a great value:
Is There an OTO or Downsell?

Front End: Complete lead-gen funnel

OTO #1: Marketing Kit for this lead gen funnel

OTO #2: Credibility Book for the Marketing Advertising formerly Bing Ads
What Are the Commissions?
Front End: $15.01 dimesale - 50% Commissions

OTO #1: Marketing Kit: $25.01 - Dimesale - 50% Commissions!

OTO #2: Credibility Book: $45.01 - Dimesale – 50% Commissions!
Launch Details
Launch Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 11am ET

Length: 4 days. 

Commission: 50% on entire funnel

Affiliate Links
Email Swipes
We have found a few things that really increase your income when it comes to a promotion like this. You probably know this already but here goes:
  • Send multiple emails. Especially towards the end when the price is going up.
  • Write your own emails. This is a complete hassle but it is proven that when you write your own emails and tell a short story about the product or what the product will do for them it helps get more clicks.
  • Do a quick video of the product. Again this takes a little time but if you can do it it will increase conversions.
KEY SUCCESS FACTOR: Plug these emails into your autoresponder now, set the date accordingly then sit back and watch the sales come in!
Day 0 - Pre-Launch Email
Email Subject Lines: [choose one]

#1. Leads Galore With This New Consultant Funnel
#2. Stop Using Facebook and Use This Instead
#3. Why This is Better Than FB and Google
#4. LAUNCHING: Brand new "Microsoft Advertising" Consultant Funnel!



Tomorrow Drew and his team are releasing their newest consultant funnel.


'Microsoft Advertising Secrets for the Local Business.' 

Microsoft Advertising is formerly known as Bing Ads.

It's everything you need to start closing high-ticket clients using Microsoft Advertising pay-per-click services to generate leads and customers.

Everyone focuses on Facebook and Google but Microsoft Advertising has an absolute ton of local traffic and is much more flexible with their ads.

When you take all of that into consideration it makes using Microsoft Advertising a MUST-HAVE for you and your clients. 

Microsoft Advertising Secrets is a complete front-end funnel solution that will allow you to:

...generate leads from the traffic you send to it
...give your target customers something of great value
...offer an in-demand & profitable service
...save time and money - reducing your workload by up to 95%!

This consultant funnel has literally cost Drew and his team over $3,000 and 60+ hours to create, but you're getting access to this plug-n-play package at just a fraction of its price.

But there is a catch…

Because you're able to save a ton of time and money - by not creating any of this content yourself…

...Microsoft Advertising Secrets launch price is only available for sale for 4 days.

After that, this plug-n-play package goes to the normal price - which is much higher - where it belongs.

So be sure to keep an eye out for my email tomorrow with all the details. You should see it around 10:00 AM ET.

[Sign off]

P.S. This is the perfect lead magnet, you as a consultant can use to generate lots of high-quality leads.
Day 1 - Launch Email
Email Subject Lines: [choose one]

#1. [New PLR] LGS Package in Super Hot Niche
#2. [New PLR] Complete Pre-Built Lead-Gen Funnel
#3. [New PLR] Generate leads fast and easy
#4. [New PLR] Stop creating lead-gen sites yourself
#5. The real secret to generating leads


Hi there,

As a consultant you know that finding clients is a tough job. And converting them into paying gigs can be even tougher.

Well, I’ve got great news for you. My good friend and fellow offline consultant Drew Laughlin just released a brand new PLR package that will help you generate leads and convert them into paying clients!

[affiliate link]

This offer is a complete front-end funnel with everything you need to generate leads.

We’re talking about a pre-made lead-gen site. Professional videos. A 5,000+ word report. A 2-page checklist. Email autoresponder messages, Plus much more!

This PLR package is called, “Local Marketing Secerts - Microsoft Advertising for the Local Business”.

Microsoft Advertising is formerly known as Bing Ads.

Everyone focuses on Facebook and Google but Microsoft Advertising has an absolute ton of local traffic and is much more flexible with their ads.

When you take all of that into consideration it makes using Microsoft Advertising a MUST-HAVE for you and your clients. 

Lead generation is one of the most critical and profitable services you can offer to a local business. Most have absolutely no clue how to do it properly to actually bring in customers. 

We owe it to our clients to help them.

So if you offer online lead generation services through Microsoft Advertising – or want to start – then this PLR package is a must-have. Especially at the super low price!

That’s all I’m going to say for now. Take 5-minutes and check it out for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed.

[affiliate link]

Best regards,
Your Name

P.S. The price is on a dimesale which means it will increase after every sale so please check it out now.
=> [affiliate link]
Day 2 - Email
Email Subject Lines: [choose one]

#1. Why This Overlooked Network is Better Than Facebook and Google
#2. Stop Focusing on Facebook and Google and Do This Instead
#3. This is Better Than Facebook and Google for Generating Local Leads
#4. Generate Local Leads with This Overlooked Network



Yesterday I sent you notice about Drew Laughlin’s release of his “Consultant Funnel – Microsoft Advertising”. This is a powerful PLR package that includes a complete, pre-made lead-gen site, videos, report and everything else you need to generate leads fast.

[affiliate link]

One of the biggest mistakes I see offline marketers make is they all copy each other do basically the same thing as everyone else.

In short, they do not diferentiate themselves.

This is a business killer!

That's why people who zig when everyone else zags usually win and win big.

Right now, everyone and their mother is using Facebook Ads and Google Ads to generate leads. And for good reason. They are great networks that do a good job.

However, the problem is they are getting more and more expensive - basically destorying marketing ROI - and they are shutting down accounts like crazy.

That is making it very difficult to be successful using those two networks.

It's time for you to ZIG!

Microsoft Advertising - formerly Bing Ads - is your answer.

Since no one talks about this network - even though it still gets an absolute TON of traffic - it is a great opportunity for people like you and me to use it to generate LOW COST leads. 

And Microsoft Advertising is very flexible. They allow a lot more than what Facebook and Google allow. That makes it easier to get ads approved! That's a great thing.

Drew's new Consultant Funnel: Microsoft Advertising Secrets brings everything full circle to get your Microsoft Advertising Services off the ground fast!

But its on a dime sale and the price is increasing after each sale so the best time to check it out is now:

[affiliate link]

Best regards,
Your Name

P.S. Don’t forget the price will increase soon so please check it out now: 

[affiliate link]
Day 3 - Email
Email Subject Lines: [choose one]

#1. New PLR Package That Works
#2. Three Reasons Why This PLR Package is a MUST-HAVE
#3. Plug-n-Play PLR? Yes, please!
#4. Become the Go-to Expert in Microsoft Advertising



Yesterday I sent you notice about Drew Laughlin’s release of his “Consultant Funnel – Microsoft Advertising”. This is a powerful PLR package that includes a complete, pre-made lead-gen site, videos, report and everything else you need to generate leads fast.

[affiliate link]

There are three main reasons why I think you should consider this:

1) You’ll save tons of time and massive amounts of money! This is literally a plug-in-play package where 95% of the work is already done for you. Outside of about 30-minutes of customization, you’re good-to-go.

2) This package is very well created and will establish you as the go-to marketing expert. The materials in this PLR package are all professionally created so you can approach prospects with confidence. Once they see this they’ll know that you ARE the man! Or woman!

3) This product is in a super hot, very profitable niche that you can take advantage of right now.


Microsoft Advertising - formerly known as Bing Ads - is one of the most overlooked pay-per-click networks today. 

Everyone focuses on Facebook and Google but they are getting harder and harder to use.

They canceal accounts constantly not to mention the drastic increase in prices.

Microsoft Advertising is the answer to low cost leads. And they are way more flexible that FB and Google.

There's only one more day to this dimesale launch so you probably want to check it out now before the price skyrockets up:

[affiliate link]

Thanks for your time and have a great day!

Best regards,
Your Name

P.S. Don’t forget the price will increase soon so please check it out now: 

[affiliate link]
Day 4 - Final Call/Price Increases Soon Email
Email Subject Lines: [choose one]

#1. [Final Call] Price Increases Tonight
#2. [Final Notice] Don’t forget
#3. One last try


Hi there!

Unless you been on vacation or something you know that I’ve been supporting Drew Laughlin’s release of his “Consultant Funnel – Microsoft Advertising” PLR launch.

[affiliate link]

At this point, I really don’t know what else to tell you except that the price increase tonight at midnight.

So if you want this – it’s still at a crazy low price as it's on a limited time "price freeze" – then I suggest you take a look at it now:

[affiliate link]

Thanks for being a great subscriber of mine!

Best regards,
Your Name

P.S. I highly recommend this product. Grab it now before it's too late.

[affiliate link]
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