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Launch Details
Launch Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 11am ET

Length: 3-days. 

Commission: 50% on entire funnel
What is The Ultimate Consultant Funnel Offer?
I am offering your list a limited-time opportunity to own access to the recording of a live webinar training where I explained a proven six-figure sales funnel that is specifically created for consultants and coaches. In fact, there are two funnels disccused at length.

I've surveyed my list many times of the years and "not having a funnel" is one of the most common problems.

The biggest reason is because most of them don't even know where to start.

If this is a challenge your list has as well then this webinar is a must watch!

This is for anyone who wants to create a proven funnel that you can rely on, one that provides you with a predictable income stream for your business and one that you can repeat over and over again and scale as big as you want. You'll never again have to stress or worry about where your income will come from.

Front End: The Ultimate Consultant Funnel - Training Course
  • ​Complete Training on How to Create Two Six-Figure Funnels
  • ​Video training is available for online viewing as well as downloadable MP4 and MP3 formats.
  • ​Workbook with slides of the entire training are also provided.
  • ​Complete list of tools and resources needed to implement the funnel(s)
OTO 1: Funnel Kit
  • Lead-Gen Site: Complete lead-gen site created in WordPress Theme, HTML5 and ClickFunnels
  • LGS Conversion Videos: Powerful videos in both USA and UK Voice Overs. Videos come in whiteboard/hand drawn and Powtoon styles
  • ​Thank You Page Value Video: This is the POWER of this funnel. The visitor opt-ins for the one-page cheat sheet and then they get even more value with the companion value video that builds trust and credibility and gets them to call the coach/consultant.
  • Lead-Magnet One-Pager: The perfect lead magnet.
  • Autoresponder Messages: 5-part email autoresponder series to set up all the follow up on autopilot
  • Source Files: They get all the PSD and Word files so they can change and customize as needed
  • Quick Start Program: This offer is NOT a training program but rather pre-made PLR that will save them tons of time and lots of money versus creating it all themselves. With that in mind, we do have some Quick Start material that will help them understand how to get started fast.
  • BONUS: UCF - Webinar Version: As you will see in our training one of the Ultimate Consultant Funnels is the Webinar Version. Most people do NOT start out with this version. They use the "Instant Gratification Funnel". However, we did not want to leave you empty handed by not giving you a ton of pre-made content in case you wanted to use the webinar funnel.
OTO 2: Marketing Kit
  • Social Media Post Images: Professionally created social media images to use on their different social media channels like Facebook and Instagram
  • Advertorial: Advertorials is one of the best way to build and trust without the intrusion of other marketing methods
  • 5 Blog Posts/Article: Additional marketing content
  • Postcards: Three professionally created postcards
  • Banner Ads: Professionally created banner ads to use on their website
  • ​Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads Swipe Files: Pay-per-click advertising is one of the fastest, most cost effective ways to generate leads online. We took the hard work out of creating PPC Ads with over 60 pre-written ads to choose from. Mix and match and edit to create the perfect ad.
  • Facebook Ad Sales Copy: We have also used the program FunnelScripts to create literally over 100 headlines, post text and description ad text. And everything is broken down into Hot, Warm and Cold traffic. This part alone is worth potentially hundreds of dollars.
  • 20 Pre-Written Tweets: Using Twitter to build brand awareness is something that can be achieved. But you need to do it on a consistent basis. These pre-written tweets will help you get started fast.
Affiliate Bonuses
For this launch we are not doing an "affiliate contest" but rather a simple bonus system paid based on the number of total sales you get during the launch.

Meaning, however many sales of all three products (FE plus the two OTOs) you get based on the information below you will receive that bonus payout.
Number of Sales





Bonus Payout





While this is NOT an affiliate contest I know some people like to see how they rank amongst their peers. So here you go:
Why Offer This to Your List? What Makes it So Special?
There are 3 big reasons why you should promote this:
  • The main reason is because this sucker will convert! We have a great sales page and a tremendous reputation of creating nothing but top quality products. This offer is no different! Our last launch did 20% conversions and grossed over $10,000.
  • ​The price point is low and makes it a no brainer! We also include three powerful parts on the Front End to maximize conversions.
  • ​You can trust us to take care of your customers. We provide world class products and excellent customer service. It is a point of focus for us that we take great pride in.
Check out the sales page to see why this offer is such a great value:
Is There an OTO or Downsell?
Yes. There are two OTO's and no downsells.

You can see everything that is included in the OTO's at the top section of this page. Below are the direct links to these sales pages so you can see for yourself how awesome they are!

What Are the Commissions?
Front End: Complete Training Course: $15.01 - Dimesale - 50% Commissions!

OTO #1: Complete Pre-Made Funnel and Content Kit: $17.01 - Dimesale - 50% Commissions!

OTO #2: Complete Marketing Kit: $17.01 - Dimesale - 50% Commissions!
Launch Details
Launch Date: Wednesday, October 30 2019, 11am ET

Length: 3 days. 

Commission: 50% on entire funnel

Affiliate Links
Email Swipes
We have found a few things that really increase your income when it comes to a promotion like this. You probably know this already but here goes:
  • Send multiple emails. Especially towards the end when the price is going up.
  • Write your own emails. This is a complete hassle but it is proven that when you write your own emails and tell a short story about the product or what the product will do for them it helps get more clicks.
  • Do a quick video of the product. Again this takes a little time but if you can do it it will increase conversions.
KEY SUCCESS FACTOR: Plug these emails into your autoresponder now, set the date accordingly then sit back and watch the sales come in!
Email Swipes
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